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Once Upon a Child

by Debbie McChesney

This guided journal will accompany you and your child through the magical growing-up years.

This interactive journal helps you recognize and record the moments of goodness and imagination that abound in your child’s life. You will strengthen your parent-child relationship simply by sharing your insights with your child, boosting his or her self-esteem in the process.

Once Upon a Child is a guided journal—an innovative concept that combines the personal, active participation of a journal with the guidance of a parenting book—that, over time, becomes a treasured keepsake. Open this book and learn how to capture—and share—the story of your child’s growing up years. Capture the elusive magic of childhood on paper by recording the special—and everyday—moments of goodness of your child. You will create a keepsake you and your child will treasure.

This title is OSI.

Hardcover: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-56145-100-5
Total Pages: 96
Size: 7 x 8
Language: English


Once Upon a Child is a lovely book and an important idea.” ―Leo Buscaglia

Meet the Author

Debbie McChesney attended Hollins College, the University of Virginia, and Loyola College. In her twenty-year career as an educational therapist, she has worked in hospitals and schools and directed learning disability programs. She is currently in private practice in Atlanta.