About MonolingualsSobre los mamíferos: Una guía para niños
Sobre los pájaros: Una guía para niños
Written by Cathryn Sill
Illustrated by John Sill

The award-winning About… series launches new monolingual Spanish editions with Sobre los mamíferos: Una guía para niños and Sobre los pájaros: Una guía para niños! These thoughtful first-glimpses into the world of these fascinating creatures provide young Spanish-speaking readers a chance to learn more about the natural world.

About MammalsIn Sobre los mamíferos, author Cathryn Sill answers the first questions of young naturalists by explaining the characteristics of what mammals, including what they are, how they live, and what they do. Noted wildlife illustrator John Sill depicts the charm of this wide class of animals―including the large Blue Whale, the small American Pika, and humans―with his beautiful realistic paintings. An afterword provides further details about the animals, inspiring young readers to learn more.

“Pre-school and primary-grade teachers will find this an attractive choice for units on mammals.” ―Booklist

“A quality book for introducing mammals, it is also well bound and worthy of addition to the young reader’s library.” ―NSTA Recommends

“The paintings draw viewers in with their warmth, charm, and accuracy…. This is ideal for storytimes…” ―School Library Journal

“This is a successful book and is to be recommended for all children’s collections.” ―Science Books & Films

About Birds

In Sobre los pájaros, learn about basic information about birds with simple, easy-to-understand language. The accompanying illustrations showcases the diversity of this fascinating category, from the recognizable American Robin and Ruby-throated Hummingbird, to the Bald Eagle and the Greater Roadrunner. The afterword offers more facts about birds, and more back matter includes a glossary and sources for young readers to continue their studies.

“Exceptionally detailed and uniformly accurate…the Sills succeed admirably.” ―School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

“The full-color illustrations by wildlife artist John Sill are so lifelike that one almost expects the birds to fly off the pages…a wonderful visual introduction…” ―Booklist

“Fifteen exquisite, scrupulously accurate watercolors of birds in their habitats are captioned by a deceptively simple text…An excellent concept book that takes its young audience seriously while skillfully providing the basics of an important subject.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“An age-appropriate amount of text on each page is accompanied by beautiful, watercolor illustrations of each bird. More advanced readers and their mentors might appreciate the afterword, containing more detailed information on the birds depicted in the main body of the book.”
NSTA Recommends


For more information and resources for the About… and About Habitats series, check out the series pages! To learn more about the creation of their beautiful and informative books, hear Cathryn and John discuss the inspiration for their work, and watch John Sill’s process of his watercolor illustrations in the videos below.

Look for Sobre los mamíferos: Una guía para niños and Sobre los pájaros: Una guía para niños on Amazon or at your local libraryindie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble starting February 1!