The holiday shopping season is almost over as we begin counting down the few days left. But no fear, last-minute shoppers! Books make great presents for young readers, and this year we’ve shared several round-ups highlighting ideas for every kind of reader on your gift list. Cross off the last  people on your gift list and stock up on books that the children in your life will enjoy exploring again and again.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

To: The Youngest Reader


Board books are wonderful gifts to surprise and excite the youngest reader in your life this holiday season. Reading to the very young helps introduce early concepts and vocabulary to set a foundation for early learning skills. Durable, easy to hold, beautifully illustrated, and exceptionally fun, these board books are ideal stocking stuffers and perfect for exploring with a little one!

Whether or not your little one is experiencing snow for the first time this season, share this story about the magic of a snowy day and the outdoor activities in brings!

In this gently rhyming board book by Elizabeth Spurr, a young girl and her pet dog make a snowman, sled down the hill, and have other wintery fun! With vibrant and joyful illustrations by Manelle Oliphant, this board book is a perfect sit-in-your-lap reading experience for toddlers. This celebration of winter is sure to delight the little reader on your gift list.

Read an excerpt here.

“What a lot of friends! How many can you count?”

William Bee is at it again with another addition of Stanley’s fun adventures. What is Stanley up to this time? This busy little hamster has learned about shapes, colors, and opposites, and he is back to explore numbers! In order to plan a party with his friend Little Woo, Stanley must gather the right number of snacks and decorations for their picnic. Jell-O salad, picnic rugs, balloons, and much more are perfect for the party. So, help Stanley and Little Woo count out their supplies.

Avid fans of Stanley and friends will surely enjoy the continued journey of everyone’s favorite little hamster! 


Looking for the best bedtime book to read to your little one? Well, look no further! John Butler’s board book introduces an array of baby animals being put to bed by their mothers and fathers. From tiny birds to young whales, from nests to the deep blue sea, the

noisy animal kingdom settles down for a good night’s sleep.

This gentle bedtime story features an easy, rhyming text and beautifully evocative, detailed art that will soothe your sleepy loved one as you share with them the nightly routine of all living creatures.


Little Rabbit and his red balloon lead the way as the family heads to the amusement park for Little Rabbit’s birthday. So excited by the people, place, and sounds of the park, Little Rabbit claims he is a big rabbit now and wonders off from his parents. But when he suddenly finds himself all alone, he doesn’t feel quite so grown up anymore. What should Little Rabbit do?

Harry Horse’s colorful illustrations depict Little Rabbit’s growing excitement and bring to life the infectious atmosphere of the amusement park. Young readers will identify easily with the young character’s conflicting desire for independence and his need of loving supervision, and will cheer Little Rabbit’s triumphant reunion with his beloved family.

Find these titles and more at your local libraryindie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble. Still looking for more great ideas? Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide has even more gift recommendations for your little readers this holiday season!