Claude and Sir Bobblysock are at it again! In their next adventure, the pair joins Miss Highkick-Spin’s dance troupe. Claude and Sir Bobblysock love the theater they will be dancing in—especially the beautiful chandelier—but they decide to avoid the darker, spookier areas back stage. Then, when it is time to perform, their worst nightmares come true; a ghost is ruining each act as soon as they go on stage! It is up to Claude to reveal this ghost and his tricks, and when the beautiful chandelier threatens to topple the show’s judge, Claude must jump into action yet again.

This is another hilarious installment in the Claude series. Claude’s curiosity leads to unpredictable adventures, but no matter where he goes, he is adored by all. Sir Bobblysock, on the other hand, is a delicate sock who is prone to headaches, bad knees, and, above all, perfectly-timed sarcasm. Together, the pair bounces from place to place, making many friends and creating plenty of memories along the way. Yet, they always return home to their beloved Mr. and Mrs. Shinnyshoes. That is, until the next adventure comes along….

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