Thanks for following our Fall 2014 Blog Tour! It was a good three months, but all good things must come to an end.  We hope that you discovered some great kid lit bloggers along the way and got a sense of our exciting season.

Let’s do a quick montage! Like they do in the movies!

In August we learned all about parrots, and learned a couple of football gambits from Jesse, Jay and Savannah.


In September Stanley had two full career changes! Pig and Small became lifelong friends! And Charlie Bumpers used desensitization techniques to overcome his Halloween fears!



We wrapped up in October with an animal parade, a skiing sock and pup, and a lifesaving dog. 



That wraps it up for this season, but we’ve got exciting changes in store for Spring 2015 titles.  In addition to reviews, we’ll also be showing blog tour followers story time ideas, crafts, flannel board patterns, discussion questions, and more extension activities!  You can thank our guest bloggers for that! As always, visit our website for free Teachers Guides.