Sunrise Elementary School has a BIG problem. Their new librarian, Miss Lotta Scales, is a real dragon.

When Sunrise Elementary School advertised for a thick-skinned librarian with a burning love of books, Miss Lotta Scales knew she was perfect for the job. Who could guard books better than a REAL dragon?

"She kept a fiery eye out to make sure no one removed any books from the shelves.... The very thought of sticky little fingers touching and clutching, pawing and clawing, smearing and tearing her precious books just made her hot under the collar."

The teachers, singed and scorched, formed a delegation. But not even sweet Miss Lemon could convince Miss Lotta Scales that "the library belongs to the children."

Fortunately, nearsighted Molly Brickmeyer stumbles onto a copy of Snuff the Magic Dragon and reads the tale out loud. Her storytelling beckons the children back to the library and brings them face to face with the Library Dragon. Can an open book temper the flames of the school's hotheaded librarian?

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Carmen Agra Deedy is a New York Times bestselling author and has been writing and traveling around the world telling stories for more than twenty years. Her books, including 14 Cows for America, The Library Dragon, The Yellow Star, and Martina the Beautiful Cockroach have received numerous awards and honors. Carmen has performed in many prestigious venues, but children are her favorite audience. Born in Havana, Cuba, she came to the United States as a refugee and like most immigrants sees the world from multiple perspectives.

You can visit Carmen Agra Deedy’s website here.

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Michael P. White is an award-winning fine artist and the illustrator of several children's books. He lives in Georgia.

You can visit Michael P. White’s website here.

“Deedy is an accomplished storyteller, and kids will likely enjoy her frequent puns and wordplay and [Michael White's] droll, stylized illustrations, filled with vibrant color and lots of comical details.” ―Publishers Weekly

“Youngsters will enjoy the funny touches and librarians may feel the good-humored tap of a reminder that books are for kids.” ―School Library Journal

“Clever wordplay, rich vocabulary and brightly colored illustrations make The Library Dragon a sharp, humorous commentary on children's department librarians-be they dragons or dragonmasters!” ―A Page in a Book

“...I love the story. I love the images. I love the humor. I love the language. I love it as a parent, a teacher, and a writer. I could read it over and over and over because the humor and the language and the story and the pictures are just that engaging...” ―Christie Write Wild blog

“...The wordplay in this book is tops, and the illustrations are as funny as the words - pay close attention so you don't miss a joke. The moral is nice, too...” ―The State Journal Register

“...There's plenty of wordplay to keep both parent and child entertained. Miss Scales 'smoulders' and is so tired after all her anger that she is simply 'draggin' near the end of the story. These examples, and many others, give readers opportunities to place emphasis on the words as they're being read and stop to give context or discuss the rich vocabulary. It's a terrific way to teach children about words, homophones and puns...” ―Kid Book Doctor blog

“This is probably my favorite picture book of all. I first read it to my children when I checked it out from the library a few years ago. We've gotten it several times since. We all love it!” ―Write Wild blog

“...The illustrations are colorful and the creation of the dragon librarian and her antics will entice children to find the Library Dragon in their own school library.” ―It's About Time MaMaw blog

“...Somehow, I had missed out on reading this book! We picked up the book with the audio cd at the public library and it's now my new favorite book about Librarians. I will definitely be using it and recommending it for elementary librarians. Classic! The audio is a must because the author, Carmen Agra Deedy, gives the dragon a "I just smoked a carton of cigarettes" voice and it is hilarious!” ―Mrs. Library Fanatic blog

“Full of witty word-play and double meanings, this fun read about a dragon librarian who guards the books and thinks 'storytime is simply medieval' is sure to make you 'on fire with enthusiasm.'” ―Book for that Kids blog

“...This book has to rank right up there as one of my 'most delighting' kids' books to listen to one of my tribe read. Just look at the grin on my boy's face!!! I'd listen to his giggles as he'd sound out one of the harder, very tongue in cheek phrases and caught their silly meaning.” ―Our Wrighting Pad blog

Read Alouds too Good to Miss (ageless) ―AIME 1998

Flicker Tale Children's Book Award (picture book) ―North Dakota Library Association 1997

Georgia Top 25 Reading List ―Georgia Center for the Book 2002

Buckaroo Book Award (2nd Runner Up) ―Wyoming Library Association, Wyoming State Reading Council 1999

Young Hoosier Book Award (nominee, grades K-3) ―Association for Indiana Media Educators 1999-2000

Children's Book Award (nominee) ―Florida Reading Association 1997-1998

Volunteer State Book Awards (master list, K-3) ―Tennessee Association of School Librarians 1997-1998

Colorado Children's Book Award (nominee) ―Colorado Council of the International Reading Association 1997

Notable Children's Recordings ―ALSC 2013

Storytelling World Resource Awards (winner, Special Storytelling Resources) ―Storytelling World magazine 2013